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I am super stoked for the chance to finally read Atlic! I've been anticipating it's release since I read The Syndicate last June. I have one concern though- I had preordered Atlic on iBooks last year, and now I see that it "does not exist" in iBooks, even though I can still see the original cover in my purchases. I'm a little upset because I've paid for a book that I cannot access now. Will this be fixed soon?
For most of the world it is officially July 18, 2017. I have 28 minutes left of 07.17 here in Alaska... yet I doubt that 28 minutes will magically reveal Altic as ACTUALLY released, as promised... again...? After all this is only the third... or is it fourth?... release date that has come... and gone. No release. You know... those of us who loyally await next installments to your books LITERALLY count down the days? And you cant be bothered to post a blog or shoot a quick "sorry, delayed again!" mass email...? I agree with Lyndsey above. I can't keep doing this.. I am bowing out. Fans shouldn't be forced to waste MORE time searching GOOGLE for answers. That's just mean to not communicate the (numerous) delays when thus far we've all been patient and understanding. THREE times though?!?!? Insult received. Thanks.
When is the new talented book fated coming out?
Let me begin by saying, you are an amazing author. I adore your quick wit and original ideas. Few authors can dream up such worlds AND describe them so wholly, while keeping us readers so totally enraptured from start to finish. You're one of the greats and up there (for me) alongside Richelle Mead and Chanda Hahn. However, I have a complaint. I believe this is more for the company who you entrusted to handle releasing your books, than you... 1.) Altic. All of us loyal fans went out and preordered it LAST YEAR. Instead of the highly anticipated book, on release day we found... nothing. The title itself was removed, no explanation given and refunds issued. Over(?) a year later theres still no definite release. I totally understand delays, but don't we at least deserve a tentative release date, an explanation? 2). Talented. We ALL can't wait for the last book... but it was roughly scheduled to be released early 2017. Again, thats come and gone and there hasn't even been a cover reveal... I'm afraid Talented will go the way of Altic... Keep writing and being awesome!
Hey there!! Just finished book 7 of the Talented Saga, & I looove, looove it!! That being said, it's gotten quite complicated & involved as far characters & whatnot go, so i don't wanna have to wait too long to finish the series up & start reading other books/series in between. So, just wondering if you had a release date yet?? Your website, at one point, said early 2017...is that still happening? Thanks so much for your time, & the great books!
I bought the entire Talented series and for the most part, enjoyed the story. I finished the seventh book and every thing is left hanging. The academy, UNITE, Night Shade, Is this saga supposed to be complete?. If it is, I won't buy your books again. I hate stories that don't really end. Could you please advise?
OK, Sophie maybe I'm slow but I started to read Lost With You and would like to continue reading Obsidian but I can't find it the book anywhere! Help! I really enjoyed the first chapter. Thankx
I love your books! Do you have any clue when the next book in the Talented or Blind Barriers series will be released?
hopefully they make a TV series out of this story! It would be great.
My sisters and I are obsessed with the blind barriers trilogy and dying to find out what happens. I was wondering if you can tell me when it's going to be real see that way we can get a copy of the book the second it is out. Thanks, Stephanie
Can you tell me when the next book in the Talanted series is coming out. I'm very anxiously awaiting. I just finished the last book plus the Novella. Great Job !!
Hey Sophie's in the quizzes the quiz for the scarlet thread is not working.
I habe been reeding the talented saga on my nook but i can not get the last one barnes and noble says they do not have it and i would like to read it on nook with the rest of the books is it not out in barnes and noble yet
I habe been reeding the talented saga on my nook but i can not get the last one barnes and noble says they do not have it and i would like to read it on nook with the rest of the books is it not out in barnes and noble yet
I have loved several of your series! When is the third book in blind barriers coming out!?
Hey- I was so excited for Altic, but not only is it NOT available Dec 1 as scheduled... the WHOLE website is GONE. Even following your links leads to a dead end :'( What happen?!?!
Just got a notification that my Amazon pre-order for Atlic was canceled. Any update?
How do i fill out an arc form for your books?
I love the Talented Saga. It needs a good editor to fix mistakes in the book with spelling and word placement that were overlooked by spellcheck. This series is too good to let little errors throw the reader out of the story.
When is the 3rd book from the Blind Barriers Trilogy due out?
Hello Love the Talented books. Just started them three weeks ago. Which should be read first Exiled or Unforgettable? Looking very forward to more. Thank You Serena