Hey Guys!!!

We are SUPER excited to announce that The Syndicate (Timewaves Book One) has a release date: March 1, 2016! In the not-to-distant future, we will send out the pre-order links for the major retailers! So stayed tuned!


As always, thank you all for your support! 

The Sophies

P.S. For all of you waiting on Inescapable release news, we promise we'll have more concrete dates coming soon. We are hard at work right now writing the next installment in Talia & Erik's tale. 


P.P.S. For those of you who have been asking about Vacant Voices, the third and final book in the Blind Barriers Series, we apologize for not having much updates quite yet. BUT, this too is something we are hard at work on!


Amber April 11, 2016 @06:10 pm

Last update for inescapable said end of Feb- there isn't an update since that has past and it's April...

Keith Burt March 19, 2016 @04:09 pm

OK, Ladies! I purchased and read all of your books. Love them!! I really do hate waiting #2 Nightmares, #2 Timewaves, #3 Blind Barriers and #6 Talented! You've left me nothing to read! Truly original, truly remarkable and truly unforgettable. Thank you for great books. Please, keep writing! (Only faster!)

Debbie Heuston March 17, 2016 @08:34 pm

Hi Sophie , just finished Platinum Prey, it says 3rd book coming in JAN. Is it out yet ? I want to read it NOW,LOL. Thank you, love all the series you have written. !

Sophie Davis February 24, 2016 @09:04 am

Hi Ashley! I know, it's been a while! There was a long period of time when I wasn't able to work - I explained it in a previous blog post that you can check out: http://www.sophiedavisbooks.com/blog/lets_get_personal..._aka_releases_news_and_info I apologize for the long gap, but I really am working as much as I can to get books out. Thanks for reading! xoxo, Sophie

Ashley February 23, 2016 @11:26 pm

You've been writing inescapable for a very long time, do you actually expect to release it anytime soon or are you still getting our hopes up so we will keep checking for the actual release date?