Hey guys!

You may have noticed over the past week that we've been posting on social media about moving The Syndicate to Kindle Unlimited.  I wanted to reach out to provide a few reassurances to our non-Amazon readers since we appreciate you guys so much and don't want you to think our books will no longer be available to you.

We are trying something out right now to further expand our readership.  As fans of Netflix know, subscription services are becoming more and more popular, including Kindle Unlimited (where you can read any KU book for one low monthly fee).  In order to take advantage of this, we are trying out a new release plan - all new books will first be wide, meaning they will be available on all ebook retailers, for at least a month after release day.  After the initial period of wide availability, the books will then go into Kindle Unlimited for three months, to provide KU members an opportunity to try out our books as part of their subscription.  We plan to see how this goes, and possibly to adjust the lengths of time for both based on the feedback we receive.

What this means for you guys is that our new books will always be available to iBooks, Nook, and Kobo users first, as well as available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle users. A month later, they will be available for KU users for a limited amount of time (3 months to begin with).

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or input about this plan, we'd love to hear from you!  The best gauge of plans like this is reader feedback, so let us know what you think!



Eric October 26, 2016 @03:58 pm

When is the cycle over? I just finished your Talented saga and want to look into other books. I use KOBO and all your stuff has been removed.

Sara October 19, 2016 @11:50 pm

Inescapable isnt availible on nook! I really wanted to read it :(