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Hello guys!

Since the most commonly asked question that I receive is, WHEN IS CREATED COMING OUT?, I figured I would write a post addressing the burning question.  And the answer is, end of August/early September.  As of right now, I am aiming for a September 1, 2013 release date here in the U.S. - a couple weeks after that internationally.  I am doing my best to stick to this date, and will post frequent updates over the next two months.


Thank you guys for all of your continued support of the Talented series; it really does make me eager to continue Talia's story.  I want to give a big shout out to all of the readers in Australia.  Your support and enthusiasm for the series has officially made me a best selling author, something I never dreamed could happen when I first published Talented eighteen months ago.  So, from the bottom of heart, THANK YOU!   This experience has been quite the ride and I am loving every minute of it.


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2013-07-16 02:06:56 - Deliah Gasson
Hi, I'm Deliah Gasson I'm 16 & live in NZ and I absolutely LOVE the talented saga! I keep catching myself daydreaming about the possible outcomes that may occur in Created! I've tried reading other books but I can't I just wish I could read the talented saga again for the first time!! Thank you so much for writing and please continue in the future!!! Love your biggest fan!!!