A fifth Talented book and other exciting release news!

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For those of you who have read Created, you might be wondering about the possiblity of a fifth book.  While I had planned only writing four books in the Saga, the possiblity of a fifth book came about as I was finishing Created.  After a lot of discussion with friends, I decided to write a fifth book so I could further explore some of the things that came up in Created, as well as have Talia's story really come full circle.  The fifth book will definitely be the last full-length novel in the Talented Saga.  It will be from Talia's point of view like the other books, but will likely have some chapters from other characters' POVs as well.  It will be a little bit different than the previous books in the series.  One of Talia's missions in this last book will be to capture the person who got away in the end of Created, but that is not the whole story line; it is just one of many that will be taking place.  The title for the fifth book is......Inescapable!  And is tentatively scheduled for release in late June.  I will do a better job of keeping you guys updated about my progress and any changes in release dates.  Check back for the cover reveal in the early part of 2014!  

For the huge fans out there, don't worry, a Talented Novella is scheduled for release in March!  It will be a great lead in to Inescapable, but you won't have to read it to enjoy the final Talented book.  Now for the stats:

Name:  Exiled, A Talented Novella (Talented #4.5)

Main Character:  Kenly Baker

Location:  London, England

Length:  ~35K words


Blind Barriers Updates:

I am thrilled to announce the second installment in the Blind Barriers serials, Courting Chaos, will be released in mid-January!  And hopefully, cross fingers, the rest will come about one every month or so.  Check back for cover reveals and firm release dates soon!


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I want to wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year!

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When does inescapable come out? My favourite book series by far!
When will inescapable come out. You said by the first half of 2015 but that has passed. What is the delay and will it even come out this year? I have been waiting anxiously to no avail. Please list a release date or a new time frame update!
When is Exiled coming out?
When in March does Exiled come out? I can't wait to read it. I've read read the series twice already and started it in Jaunary.
So excited for the 5th book!! Love you soo much!
Can't wait! Got me so addicted to the Talented series! Can't wait to read the others!
Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Talented Series! This would make a fantastic movie. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you!
I am so excited for it all. Sophie I love your books!
This is awesome! I can't wait to read it, Sophie! :)
So excited about all of this! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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