Clue 1

Welcome, welcome to our game!
Collect nine clues- that’s your aim.
An awesome surprise and prizes galore
Will be at the end, plus so much more!

Since the surprise is locked up real tight,
You’ll need a password to access the site.
This key is attained by solving the clues,
Then string them together, you cannot lose!

The largest site that ever grew
From asking readers to review
To my author page you’ll go,
Find the series, look below!


*A note on clue #4 (the one on the After Twilight Page on Amazon)--as of right now there is no clue to lead you to the location of clue #5. This is the clue that should be there:
Click on Sophie up there, under the title, you see
Then click on Talented Book number three!
Start anytime. Ends 10/20