Unforgettable Release Giveaway!

Win TWO Passes to BEA 2015 AND BookCon 2015 in NYC

Worth over $1,000!

Plus- win Amazon Giftcards and Autographed books

Dear Readers, Bloggers, Fangirls, and Good ol' Booknerds,

We here at Sophie Davis Books have a LOT to be thankful for already this year- two new releases, including this week's Unforgettable (the long-awaited next installment in the Talented Saga), and our upcoming return to BEA and BookCon!  We want your help spreading the news and good cheer, so we're giving away two passes to join us at the country's premiere book conference in May as a little extra incentive.  If you've never been, try to picture book-heaven-on-earth: all of the publishers, all the free books you can carry, AND loads of your favorite authors, just waiting to sign your copies of their latest (often unreleased) books.  Now go a step further. Since you'll be with us, think NO waiting in line to get in, NO showing up three hours early, and LOTS of sweet extra perks.  Trust us- you don't want to miss this experience!

There are lots of ways to enter to win this amazing prize- from changing your profile and cover pics, to signing up for the SDB newsletter, to helping us share all the news around the internet. PLUS, we're using viral sharing for this one: get your friends in on the action, and win extra entries! (You know, if you refer them, and they win, they kind of HAVE to take you, right??)

The winner will be selected one week after the contest ends, giving us enough time to scour the internet for all of your different entries.  So get going- let's share the news of Unforgettable's release with the world!

xoxo, Sophie Davis

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*Note: the cover pictures won't be up until the evening on 3/3; sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.  And don't forget to check out SD social media every day for new pics to share- every one is another chance to win!*